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Jayshri Halai is a registered Osteopath and Yoga instructor who takes great pleasure in supporting and guiding her patients through their rehab journey plus, so much more.

At Dynamics Health, Jayshri is here to help you with all your aches and pains. She cares about the root causes of your problems to be able to tailor a long-term plan, just for you. Jayshri's treatment approach is dynamic and involves the patient in their own rehabilitation through active and passive input. This really does make rehab far more effective, informative and fun for patients to be able to then be able to implement rehab outside of the treatment room. Her clinics run from Northwood, London and Dunstable, Bedfordshire.


Osteopathy & Yoga has helped Jayshri's patients through the management, maintenance and even eliminate conditions such as:

- Neck and back pain

- Generalised aches, pain and stiffness

- New and old injuries

- Occupational related pain

Northwood Osteopaths at Sharmans Pharmacy,   3-5 Clive Parade, Northwood, HA6 2QF

  • Jayshri Halai Osteopath Yoga
  • Jayshri Halai Osteopath Yoga

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