"I highly recommend Jayshri for family osteopathy. She is great with my kids , curing my son of arm pain with one session and helping my other son with tight hamstrings. Jayshri has even helped me with a mix of therapy and stretches for knee issues and seen my husband for wrist pain. It is convenient that I can claim it back through the Bupa cash back scheme. Jayshri also comes to our home giving us comfort and convenience. She makes you feel comfortable with chatting and a lovely smile while at the sessions.  

We wish her all the best with her professional career."

Reina D'Costa

Business & Media Solicitor

Northwood Osteopaths at Sharmans Pharmacy,   3-5 Clive Parade, Northwood, HA6 2QF

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  • Jayshri Halai Osteopath Yoga

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