Jayshri's style of yoga is aimed purely toward the physical benefits and so there will be lots of movement and exercise to stretch and to strengthen for leaner and longer lasting results.


Sessions are tailored specifically to your own personal needs and abilities, with, modifications and progressions provided where appropriate, safe and effective. Therefore, this really is for people of all ages, walks of life and gender, and, you WILL all be able to succeed within your own individual capacity. This is great for those with injuries and chronic illness and well as those who simply want to explore, enhance and have fun for an hour with other like-minded people.

Jayshri's background in yoga is primarily Hatha practice which consists of prana (breathe) and asanas (postures), therefore moving with the breathing. She also has a background in ashtanga and vinyasa.


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In yoga, what will really drive your progression is your personal commitment to it. You do NOT have to be flexible to do yoga- thats the whole point of the practice which is to help facilitate that. This is functional exercise and you will find that many of the benefits will transfer into everyday activities. Its fun and very rewarding for your physical, social and mental health. We meet together online via zoom which has been very successful for the social aspect as well as physical and mental too.

Monday 18:30-19:45pm (beginners to intermediate - 75 minutes)

Wednesday 6pm  (beginners basic - 50 minutes)

All classes will remain online via zoom

(No classes on Bank Holidays)