Jayshri's style of yoga is aimed purely toward the physical benefits and so there will be lots of movement and exercise to stretch and to strengthen for leaner and longer lasting results.


Sessions are tailored specifically to your own personal needs and abilities, with, modifications and progressions provided where appropriate, safe and effective. Therefore, this really is for people of all ages, walks of life and gender, and, you WILL all be able to succeed within your own individual capacity. This is great for those with injuries and chronic illness and well as those who simply want to explore, enhance and have fun for an hour with other like-minded people.

Jayshri's background in yoga is primarily Hatha practice which consists of prana (breathe) and asanas (postures), therefore moving with the breathing. She also has a background in ashtanga and vinyasa.


There is no competition in yoga, in fact its the complete opposite. In yoga, part of the practice and what really drives your progression is letting go of all ego and going as far as YOU can. There no is one blueprint for all, we are all unique and we must embrace that.

If you choose to take one thing from this all, my message to you is that yoga, exercise, movement or whatever you choose to call it; is for EVERYONE!


Mondays 18:30-19:45pm 

Currently fully booked

Private sessions available at your home

(No classes on Bank Holidays)

Northwood Osteopaths at Sharmans Pharmacy,   3-5 Clive Parade, Northwood, HA6 2QF

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